Transfer Station

The Nobleboro-Jefferson Transfer Station serves the communities of Nobleboro, Jefferson, Bremen, Damariscotta, and Newcastle. It provides for the disposal of all types of solid waste from these five towns.

Newcastle residents may come to the Town Office during regular business hours to obtain a dump sticker free of charge.

Why we recycle:  >  It saves money  >  It saves resources and energy  >  It saves landfill space

If you're not recycling, you're throwing it all away

Recycling is one area in which you can directly impact your town's taxes. Every ton of recycled material is disposed of without cost to the five towns. The trash dumped into our trash compactors costs over $90/ton. By directing material into the recycling bins, you can save that cost, reduce your tax bill, and help the environment. Recycling is not a new idea, people have been doing it for a long time. During World War II, Americans recycled many things in an effort to help the war. They saw recycling as a way to help defend our country. Now when it is clear that the amount of trash produced is posing serious problems, recycling is needed more than ever. People recognize recycling as their duty to help preserve the environment that they enjoy.

Please review this recycling list to see what you have that can be recycled. The Transfer Station has marked bins to help you with your recycling efforts. The following lists show where recycled materials should be placed. If you are not sure where to put an item, please ask the Station attendant.

Recycle Bin-55 gallon drum-Glass: green, brown, or clear - Please place in appropriate color bin. Broken window glass is a trash item.
Recycle Bin-55 gallon drum-Tin: food cans, aluminum foil, aluminum cans
Recycle Bin-Plastic #2: #2 plastic milk, detergent & drink jugs - Please place in appropriate color bin. Caps are usually a different type from the bottle - toss as trash if unmarked.
Recycle Bin-Corrugated Cardboard: cardboard boxes (please empty & flatten)
Wax coated cardboard containers are trash items.
Recycle Bin-Newspapers & Magazines: magazines, catalogues, phone books, paperback books, newspapers May pack materials tightly in large brown grocery sacks. Keep dry. Do not tie up.
Garden Waste - Compost Area: dead plants, wood mulch, brush and lawn clippings, and tree limbs (1" diameter or smaller)
Recycle Bin - Mixed Paper: brown paper bags, calendars, letters, milk drink boxes, folders, egg cartons (pressed board), flyers, envelopes, paper cups, paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins, photocopies, cards, brochures, box board (cereal and food boxes), foreign cardboard, juice cartons, NCR paper, canceled checks, adding machine tapes, manila folders, junk mail, postcards. May pack materials tightly in large brown grocery sacks. Keep dry. Do not tie up. Please No Plastic Bags!
Miscellaneous - See Attendant at Transfer Station Office: tires, batteries, appliances, fluorescent light bulbs
ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Automobiles (can recycle individual metal parts for scrap; cannot contain petroleum products; pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, petroleum products (gasoline, oil), antifreeze - NO HAZARDOUS MATERIAL.